UTM for Windows

UTM for Windows 5.1.10-016

Billing server for Internet Service Providers

NetUP UTM is a universal billing system for Internet Service Providers of any size, from small offices to global companies. Its modern approach to traffic accounting makes the system compatible with all popular platforms and network devices. UTM is a billing system for office networks and medium-to-large ISPs. It is certified by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. The system is designed to handle a large customer base.

Supported Services:

  • Broadband Internet Connections (Ethernet, Radio Ethernet, Cable, xDSL, VPN, PPPoE etc.)
  • Dial-Up Connections (including prepaid cards)
  • Hotspots
  • E-mail & Web Hosting
  • POTS
  • VoIP

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UTM for Windows


UTM for Windows 5.1.10-016